As Simon Sinek famously says; always start with why.

So why social? I passionately believe in the power of social media to connect people and brands in a meaningful way. By harnessing technology, brands have the opportunity to connect with their most valuable customers and stakeholders. They can engage with them in an authentic and meaningful way, learning how to involve them in making key decisions, whilst always remembering to recognise and appreciate them at every opportunity.

Brands who embrace social media will enhance their reputation, build brand awareness and can even influence their customers' purchasing decisions, not to mention those of their friends, family and extended networks.

My name is Dom, and I'm the founder and managing director of Why Social.

Why Social is a no nonsense, strategic marketing consultancy that helps brands connect with their most valuable customers, their brand advocates and cheerleaders. I’ve spent 17 years working in-house for a number of leading consumer brands, including Green Flag, Direct Line and Asda, part of the Walmart retail empire.

I help companies unleash the power of their brands by identifying who their target customer is, where they hang out, and how best to engage with them.

My experience of working with key opinion formers in the digital age, YouTubers, social talent and influencers means I can ensure brands partner with the right people in a strategic and meaningful way.

If something doesn’t make sense, I always start by asking why? Why do you want to have a social strategy? What are you hoping to achieve? How will you measure success along the way?


My simple strategic framework


I subscribe to a very simple, four step communications model.
It underpins my entire way of working.



The rise in social media has created a unique opportunity to listen in to thousands of conversations about your brand each and every day.


Learning how to engage with both your brand advocates and brand detractors is essential. Dealing with issues first (not ignoring them) is the starting point and gives you the licence to engage in a meaningful way with your true advocates.


Brands often forget to appreciate their most important stakeholders. This doesn't mean constantly showering them with gifts or bribing them to say nice things. It means recognising how important they are to your brand and showing your heart-felt appreciation. Reward and recognition go hand in hand.


Changing someone’s behaviour is hard. Persuading them to consider your point of view is the first step on that journey. Listening, engaging in the right way, and showing your appreciation must come first. Only once you have their undivided attention, and have established a degree of trust, can you hope to begin to influence their behaviour.

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The drum social buzz top 50
Humble brag: I’m proud to have been recognised as one of the leading figures in social media, PR and marketing in Europe. I was ranked 8th in The Drum's Social Buzz Top 50 in 2015, which recognises the 50 most influential individuals in social media marketing, and was credited by the Holmes Report's as being one of the top 25 innovators across the EMEA region. I was also included in The Drum's 2015 Digerati, an annual celebration of the 100 most influential people across the breadth of the UK's digital marketing industries. I also won the Berks & Bucks under 15s penalty shoot-out competition in 1988, scoring 10 penalties in a row (England team take note)

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